Writing about history, speculative fiction, gender, queerness, and role-playing games.

I’m interested in writing, reading, and talking about: bodies, language, identity, cities, cyberpunk, vulnerability, caring, horror, blood, communality and interdependence, queer relationships (especially among/between women), family, transformations, monsters, hive minds, cyborgs, symbiosis, resistance, revolutions, looking after each other, and socialism.

You can mostly find my words online.


(2015) Blood and Honey. Liminality.
(2015) this sacred garden. Strange Horizons.
(2015) Spirit of the Deciduous. Through the Gate.
(2016) verdigris. Inkscrawl.
(2016) sympathetic systems. Twisted Moon.
(2017) mouth and teeth and bones. Twisted Moon.

Fiction (Interactive):

(2014) Careful Handling Required.
(2015) Auvomata.
(2015) Waterhaven.

Fiction (Analogue):

(2017) A Brief History of the Dead. Halseny.


(2017) Ancillary Pronouns: (Trans)gendering the ‘Imperial Radch’ Trilogy. Strange Horizons.

Role-Playing Games:

(2017) WORTHY. 200 Word RPG Challenge.
(2017) Red Sisters, Black Skies. Phenomenon 2017.
(2017) LAIKA.


Anglo-American Discourse about the USSR, 1984-1988. Doctoral thesis.


(2017) Best New Designer. Phenomenon 2017.

Other contributions:

I have also been an editor for History in the Making, a student journal of history, and have acted as a critical reader for RPGs including Singularity (2016), by Caitlynn Belle and Josh Jordan.

The header image is courtesy of: NASA, ESA and Jesœs Ma­z Apellÿniz (Instituto de astrof­sica de Andaluc­a, Spain). Acknowledgement: Davide De Martin (ESA/Hubble)https://www.spacetelescope.org/images/heic0619a/